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Because i believed the now sacredness of contracts the stabil ity of wealth the success of business enterprise and the prosperity of the whole country depended on the election of grant for president.I offered him two hundred thousand dollars to sell out and what do you suppose.In closing i wish to cash say that considering the awful perplexities of the year considering that this month i was forced to resign from all the com panies of which i was president the fact that within six days i have been able to write this book and have it in the printers hands proves now get cash to me that these cannibals of finance have not deprived me of my ability to work.Tain people who had large balances in their banks and were unable to make satisfactory and paying investments with them.

the culminating point in the speculative history of mr.The stock that had been get cash now as low as responded to his bull statements and manipulation for wall street saw that the intention was at least to put the stock up.The greed of gain should be tempered by the wise admonition to make haste slowly.The coalition meetgrants tkrm second.

Keene was next shaken cash out of his stocks. the opinion of exgovernor brown now our able senior united states senator was asked by thirtyfive members of the legislature of .

Its working may be evaded for a time its final conquest over money market mutual funds history wrongs and monopolies may sometimes be delayed beyond the limits of 800 human patience and men may at such times lose confidence in its power to right the wrongs of society but its ultmate success in the restoration of equity and fair play is as certain as the rising of the sun.Such were the good old times get now of finan ciering when generaljackson and his successor martin van buren sat in the executive chair.

Until congress amends the subtreasury and national currency laws the banks and trust companies could by a united understanding prevent extreme money rates by agreeing not to charge in excess ofper cent interest 1 now 800 or what would be better still 7 per cent on 1-526-052-8777 call loans during periodical money strains.Of these the secretary had the privilege of issuing $ payable in coin at the subtreasuries in new york boston and philadelphia without interest to be used as cur rency.

This time the wild 1 800 horses with a growing sense of uneasi ness may dash out and race for several miles with fifteen years of objectingall the energy they would display if jumped by halfadozen wildlywhooping horsemen.Its great success is largely due to the able managemenl of president stewart who has 1 in fact shown nuyryelloiis alnfiiy in the management of large interests financial.

Only four times before had these reserves exceeded been.The loss in market value of chicago and great western a morgan road

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in the last two years is seventeen what i knowmillion four hundred dollars thousand.

In fact wall now street has become a necessity as a healthy stimulant to the rest of the business of the country.Wall street after the election of mckinley en joyed a boom such as it has seldom known.So long as we hang on to the philippines we will have a war cloud hanging over 1 get us.In germany emergency currency may be issued by the banks in times of stringency.

Prior to this the colored vote for grant had been in doubt as horace greeley whose name was a word to conjure with among these people had recently been swing ing around the 800 now 1 circle down south with a view of capturing alike the vote of the colored people who loved him anc that of the democrats who hated him.The recent decision of the supreme court of the united states in the tobacco and paper trust cases that corpora tions cannot take refuge in get secrecy but must give testimony as to all their transactions when required even where it is selfincriminating is a great victory of the people.Yet one effect of the crisis ofhas been to give a new impulse to wall street detraction and sharpen the teeth and claws 1 of the detractors.But that collapse involving those heinze failures fell like a bombshell not only on the stock market but on the banks of which e.

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